Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yankees Prospect Dilemma

Many people would love it if the Yankees managed to sign all of the free agent starters out there. Some want Burnett, some want Lowe, others want both. Seems like all want CC Sabathia. Andy Pettite is poised to sign with New York, but that adds at least 2 pitchers to the rotation. Lets take a look.....

1. Wang
2. Sabathia?
3. Lowe?Burnett?
4. Joba
5. Pettite?

That looks great, doesn't it?

I think it does.

So I began to look at that rotation, trying to figure out what made me have this empty feeling inside......then it hit me......

Where are the prospects?

Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves, Phil Coke, and even Ian Kennedy all seem poised to enter the MLB once again this year as starters. What do they just say no? Make them relievers? Here is my master plan:


1. Wang
2. Sabathia
3. Lowe
4. Pettite
5. Prospect Starter that wins battle in spring training (see players above)

SU: Joba
SU: Coke

Phil Coke is an effective lefty reliever and why not give him a chance in the bullpen.

I think Joba is a no-brainer. He will replace Rivera when he retires and will serve as a 1-2 inning shut down set-up man until then.

New York Yankees Offseason Do's and Dont's

Here are some Do's and Dont's for the Yankees offseason


1. Offer tons of money to C.C. Sabathia. This signing will make a statement. The Yankees mean business.
2. Look into signing Derek Lowe before AJ Burnett.
3. Sign a reliever.
4. Hold onto prospects at all costs.
5. Make Brett Gardner a starting outfielder.


1. Trade for Jake Peavy.
2. Offer more than 4 years to any pitcher not named CC Sabathia.
3. Offer CC Sabathia more than 6 years.
4. Trade Hideki Matsui or Johnny Damon.
5. Get into a bidding war with a team and end up making too long, or too much of a commitment.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Memo to Yankees

Here is what I would send in a memo to the Yankees:

Dear front office,

I am talking to you today in hopes that you do not make two of the biggest mistakes possible for this offseason. The two are 1. Signing AJ Burnett and 2. Trading for Jake Peavy. Burnett is injury prone and great friends with Carl Pavano. Peavy would not only take many great prospects, but ALSO alot of money. So please, please sign CC Sabathia and Derek Lowe at all costs.

Desperate Fan

Has Mike made his final Moose call?

Many reports have announced (Ken Rosenthal being the 1st) that Mike Mussina will retire as soon as tomorrow. Mussina, being my favorite player, and the most important reason for the yankees coming close to making the playoffs in 2008, will go out on top with a 20-win season. This was expected, but I wished it wasn't so. Mussina is a possible hall of famer.....he will be missed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MY MVP Ballot

Here is my MVP ballot for the AL

1. Justin Morneau, MIN (real ranking: 2)
2. Dustin Pedroia, BOS (real ranking: 1)
3. Joe Mauer, MIN (real ranking: 4)
4. Carlos Pena, TB (real ranking: 9)
5. Kevin Youkilis, BOS (real ranking: 3)
6. Carlos Quentin, CWS (real ranking: 5)
7. Mike Mussina, NYY (real ranking: 19th)
8. Josh Hamilton, TEX (real ranking: 7th)
9. Alex Rodriguez, NYY (real ranking: 8th)
10.Jermaine Dye, CWS (real ranking: 15th)


My ballot is based purely on the following format:

A. Did the players team make the playoffs?
B. Would the team make the playoffs without this player?
C. How valuable was this player to the team?
D. Was this player a vocal leader?
E. Was this players stats good enough for an MVP?
F. How important is this players position to the game

Without Morneau the Twins would most likely come in 3rd-5th place.
Without Pedroia the Redsox are a playoff team still.

Other questions:

Why Mike Mussina?

Just listen. Mike Mussina got 20 wins. Chien Ming Wang has not done that yet, Mike Mussina hasn't done that before this year. Sure, the Yankees did not make the playoffs, but without Mussina most likely the Yankees would have come in 4th place. He kept them in it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yankees Depth Chart (based on my predictions)

SP: CC Sabathia
SP: Chein-Mein Wang
SP: Derek Lowe
SP: Andy Pettite/ Mike Mussina
SP: Phil Hughes/ Alfredo Aceves/ Phil Coke/ etc

JOBA=Set up man

C- Posada
1b- Swisher
2b- Cano
3b- Rodriguez
ss- Jeter
lf- Damon
cf- Gardner/Cabrera
rf- Nady

Joba Chamberlain should be the next closer of the New York Yankees.


I believe the Yankees should sign or trade for 1 affordable minor league pitcher as insurance.

I also believe that the Yankees should sign at least one bullpen pitcher. A pitcher such as Alan Embree or Bob Howry.

Yankees Should Beware Burnett

As the Yankees prepare their offer to AJ Burnett all we can do is cry. This is another chapter in the Carl Pavano book. Pavano, who is a good friend of Burnett, did not pitch many games with the Yankees as you know, due to various injuries. These injuries varied from his rotator cuff, to his buttocks (BRUISED!) AJ Burnett also has a history of injuries.....and is also coming off the best year of his career. Is it just a coincidence that the one year he doesn't get hurt is his contract year? My response: YES.

Friday, November 14, 2008

TOP 100 Free Agent Predictions (Rankings based upon Jeff Passan's rankings)

In my first post in nearly a month (i've been busy) i have decided to use Jeff Passan's top 100 free agent list and predict where they will land.....

1) CC Sabathia, SP: New York Yankees

2) Mark Teixeira, 1B: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

3) Manny Ramirez, OF: Los Angeles Dodgers

4) A.J. Burnett, SP: Toronto Blue Jays

5) Francisco Rodriguez, RP: New York Mets

6) Rafael Furcal, SS: Oakland Athletics

7) Adam Dunn, OF: Washington Nationals

8) Ben Sheets, SP: Houston Astros

9) Orlando Hudson, 2B: St. Louis Cardinals

10) Derek Lowe, SP: New York Yankees

11) Pat Burrell, OF: Tampa Bay Rays

12) Ryan Dempster, SP: Chicago Cubs

13) Bobby Abreu, OF: Chicago Cubs

14) Brian Fuentes, RP: St. Louis Cardinals

15) Oliver Perez, SP: New York Mets

16) Raul Ibanez, OF: New York Mets

17) Kerry Wood, RP: Detroit Tigers

18) Milton Bradley, OF/DH: Toronto Blue Jays

19) Brad Penny, SP: Milwaukee Brewers

20) Edgar Renteria, SS: Atlanta Braves

21) Jon Garland, SP: Texas Rangers

22) Casey Blake, 1B/3B/OF: Los Angeles Dodgers

23) Juan Cruz, RP: Milwaukee Brewers

24) Junichi Tawaza, SP: Atlanta Braves

26) Orlando Cabrera, SS: Detroit Tigers

27) Mike Mussina, SP: Retirement

28) Andy Pettitte, SP: New York Yankees

29) Randy Johnson, SP: Los Angeles Dodgers

30) Koji Uehara, SP/RP: Boston Redsox

31) Jason Giambi, DH: Oakland Athletics

32) Garret Anderson, OF: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

33) Juan Rivera, OF: Cincinnati Reds

34) Randy Wolf, SP: Houston Astros

35) Ivan Rodriguez, C: New York Mets

36) Jamie Moyer, SP: Philadelphia Phillies

37) Braden Looper, SP: Minnesota Twins

38) Jason Varitek, C: Detroit Tigers

39) Mark Grudzielanek, 2B: Minnesota Twins

40) Brian Shouse, RP: St. Louis Cardinals

41) Trevor Hoffman, RP: Cleveland Indians

42) Rocco Baldelli, OF: Toronto Blue Jays

43) Ken Griffey Jr., OF/DH: Seattle Mariners

44) Jim Edmonds, OF: Texas Rangers

45) Kenshin Kawakami, SP: Kansas City Royals

46) Greg Maddux, SP: Retirement

47) Paul Byrd, SP: Texas Rangers

48) Ray Durham, 2B: Houston Astros

49) Russ Springer, RP: New York Mets

50) Joe Beimel, RP: Los Angeles Dodgers

51) John Smoltz, SP/RP: Atlanta Braves

52) Darren Oliver, RP: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

53) Pedro Martinez, SP: Baltimore Orioles

54) Juan Uribe, 2B/SS/3B: Cincinnati Reds

55) Doug Brocail, RP: Houston Astros

56) Damaso Marte, RP: New York Yankees (already happened)

57) Jeff Kent, 2B: San Fransisco Giants

58) Chan Ho Park, RP: Los Angeles Dodgers

59) Mark Kotsay, 1B/OF: Philadelphia Phillies

60) Eric Hinske, 1B/OF: Tampa Bay Rays

61) Freddy Garcia, SP: Detroit Tigers

62) Jeremy Affeldt, RP: Milwaukee Brewers

63) Dennys Reyes, RP: Minnesota Twins

64) Nomar Garciaparra, UT: Detroit Tigers

65) Will Ohman, RP: Texas Rangers

66) Arthur Rhodes, RP: Oakland Athletics

67) David Weathers, RP: Pittsburgh Pirates

68) Brandon Lyon, RP: Atlanta Braves

69) Eddie Guardado, RP: Seattle Mariners

70) Tom Glavine, SP: Atlanta Braves

71) Kevin Millar, 1B: New York Mets

72) Kyle Farnsworth, RP: Toronto Blue Jays

73) David Eckstein, SS/2B: Arizona Diamondbacks

74) Mark Prior, SP: Detroit Tigers (WOOD PRIOR REUNION! I can see Detroit risking it)

75) Cliff Floyd, DH: Chicago Cubs

76) Cesar Izturis, SS: Chicago White Sox

77) Sean Casey, 1B: Tampa Bay Rays (this year's Cliff Floyd)

78) Felipe Lopez, 2B/SS: St. Louis Cardinals

79) Nick Punto, UT: Oakland Athletics

80) Rich Aurilia, 1B: San Fransisco Giants

81) Omar Vizquel, SS: Cleveland Indians

82) Kenny Rogers, SP: Arizona Diamondbacks

83) Moises Alou, OF: Retirement

84) Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B/OF: Texas Rangers

85) Ramon Vazquez UT: Philadelphia Phillies

86) Trever Miller, RP: Atlanta Braves

87) Mike Hampton, SP: Atlanta Braves

88) Odalis Perez, SP: Baltimore Orioles

89) Frank Thomas, DH: Retirement

90) Gabe Kapler, OF: Florida Marlins

91) Russell Branyan, 3B: Milwaukee Brewers

92) David Ross, C: Boston Redsox

93) Emil Brown, OF: Colorado Rockies

94) Mark Loretta, UT: New York Mets

95) Brad Wilkerson, 1B/OF: Milwaukee Brewers

96) Aaron Boone, UT: Washington Nationals

97) Chad Cordero, RP: Los Angeles Angels

98) Luis Ayala, RP: New York Mets

99) Alan Embree, RP: New York Yankees

100) Curt Schilling, SP: Oakland Athletics

Hopefully I can get this on the Lohud Blog or Mlbtraderumors so i can see how people feel about my predictions.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joba Will Be A Starter in 09

Peter Abraham of the Lohud Yankees Blog reports Joba Chamberlain will be a starter in 2009. The quote: "The plan as of right now is Chamberlain is going to be a starter. Everybody’s pretty much in agreement with that,” Hank Steinbrenner said this.

Pettite Wants to Come Back

Buster Olney of ESPN reports that Andy Pettite has informed the Yankees that he wants to return to the Pinstripes for at least one more year. No word on Mike Mussina's decision yet.

Bowa Coming Back?

George A. King III of NY Post reports that Larry Bowa is the frontrunner to be the Yankees new third base coach. Joe Girardi should not be happy if so. Here is how I take it: WARNING: ALL MANAGERS WHO DON'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS ARE SUBJECT TO FIRING/BEING REPLACED.....I REPEAT BEING REPLACED

IF and I repeat IF Bowa becomes the third base coach of the yankees, I see it as a way of having a replacement for Girardi if he does poorly or if the Yankees do not make the playoffs. Smart move by the Yanks. Not so good move for Girardi.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yanks Fire Meachem

The Yankees fired 3rd base coach Bobby Meachem yesterday after one year with the team. Meachem was criticized for repeatedly sending runners home when they would end up out at the plate. The Yankees also fired special pitching instructor Rich Monteleone.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yankees Offseason News

Enter text here.Joel Sherman of the NY Post says that the rumor that the Yankees want at least two of AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe is true. Personally, I do not want the Yankees to sign AJ Burnett. Sherman mentions in the article that Burnett is good friends with Carl Pavano. They seem very similar to me and that scares me. Both have injury issues and when the Yankees signed Pavano they didn't know of the injury issues. Now they do with Burnett and are still willing to make the mistake of signing him. I say sign CC and Lowe (if possible) although they both prefer NL West Coast teams. Whatever happened to playing for rings? Now everyone wants ONE exact spot to play in. This benefits the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, etc teams most.


Welcome to my blog, The Pinstriper! This will be host to all that is yankees related!