Monday, October 13, 2008

Yankees Offseason News

Enter text here.Joel Sherman of the NY Post says that the rumor that the Yankees want at least two of AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe is true. Personally, I do not want the Yankees to sign AJ Burnett. Sherman mentions in the article that Burnett is good friends with Carl Pavano. They seem very similar to me and that scares me. Both have injury issues and when the Yankees signed Pavano they didn't know of the injury issues. Now they do with Burnett and are still willing to make the mistake of signing him. I say sign CC and Lowe (if possible) although they both prefer NL West Coast teams. Whatever happened to playing for rings? Now everyone wants ONE exact spot to play in. This benefits the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, etc teams most.

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