Monday, December 7, 2009

Better Player of the Decade for the Yankees: #2 Paul O'Neill or #4 Hideki Matsui?

Tino Martinez defeated Johnny Damon 26-1 in the last matchup.

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Rob A from BBD said...

Again, what is the point of comparing somebody who didn't really play in this decade?

Tino won 26-1, that doesn't mean he contributed more to the Yankees this decade. That just means people like him better.

Brandon said...

Again, I did not make the matchups and I do not vote. Just because one reader doesn't like it, doesn't mean they all don't.

Jason from The Heartland said...

Hi Brandon. I linked The Pinstriper at Heartland Pinstripes, my blog. If you wouldn't mind reciprocating, I would greatly appreciate it. We should keep in touch during the hot stove and the 2010 season.

Brandon said...

Done. Thanks!