Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Half-What I Want Done

The Yankees need to make some changes if they want to compete and win in the second half of the 2009 season?

The Yankees 25 man roster needs some adjusting. Here are all the players and the dates I think they will be removed from the 25 man roster.

Alfredo Aceves-Never
Brian Bruney- August 10th....Put back on September 1st
A.J. Burnett- Never
Joba Chamberlain- Never
Phil Coke- Never
Phil Hughes- Never
Mark Melancon- July 23rd...Put back on August 20th
Andy Pettite-Never
Mariano Rivera-Never
David Robertson-Never
CC Sabathia-Never
Brett Tomko-August 1st

Jose Molina-Never
Jorge Posada-Never

Robinson Cano-Never
Derek Jeter-Never
Cody Ransom-Should be by tomorrow....but never
Alex Rodriguez-Never
Mark Texeira-Never

Melky Cabrera-Never
Johnny Damon-Never
Brett Gardner-Never
Eric Hinske-Never
Nick Swisher-Never

Hideki Matsui-Never

Additions to MLB:

Austin Jackson, Zach Kroenke, Ramiro Pena-September Call Ups


P-Cat said...

Hey, I still don't understand why Brett Tomko is on the 25 and Ramiro pena is not. J. Albaladejo has a .70 ERA in AAA. Tomko, meanwhile has a 5.23 ERA and has given up 4 runs his last 2 outings. What does he have on CAshman?

Brandon said...

Haha I am so glad that he is finally gone and off it....SHELLEY MIGHT BE COMING UP....finally is all I can say