Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Roy Halladay Discussion

No Doubt about it all fans of the MLB know the simple fact is that Roy "Doc" Halladay is an absolute beast. His career numbers pitching on a team that has never been able to get over the hump are outstanding, 148-76 with a 3.43 ERA. All teams in baseball would love to have him, but only a select few can steal Halladay from Toronto. Our beloved Yankees are one of those teams. What exactly should the Yankees brass look at when discussing bringing over Halladay? Here are the important numbers:

  • Highest ERA in a season with 16 or more starts: 4.20

  • ERA under 3.80 for 5 straight seasons

  • Less than 50 BB in every season but 1999 and 2002.

  • 200+ Ks under 40 BB last two seasons

  • WHIP under 1.40 since 2001

  • ERA career Home/Away: 3.23/3.64 (Unlike most Yankee Starters who are only good home or away not both)

  • A slightly slow starter, 4.12 ERA in April, but under 4.00 in every other month and under 2.50 in September.

  • vs. BOS: 14-14 4.28 ERA, 4.09 ERA @ Fenway (Better than most)

  • vs. NYY: 18-6 2.84 ERA

  • vs. TB: 12-11 3.67 ERA

  • vs. BAL: 20-4 2.89 ERA

  • 6'6'' 230 (We saw this season what big pitchers can withstand)

  • My favorite: Still only 32 and you know he has years left in that tank

So the evidence is there, and I was even surprised by some of the dominance. It seems essential the Yankees find away to swipe Doc up, and more importantly keep him far far away from Red Sox Nation.

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