Friday, November 27, 2009

Talk About Something All Yankee Fans Appreciate...


Sources are saying that the Yankees longtime PA announcer Bob Sheppard has officially called it quits and is retiring. Sheppard took the helm as Yankees PA guy in 1951, and is known as "The Voice of God" amoung the Yankee Universe. Yankee stadium hasn't been the same without him in the recent seasons, and it would've been nice to have heard him at the new Yankee Stadium. Mr. Sheppard is one of the greatest Yankees who ever lived and even at 99 years young we wish him another long 100 years. We have held at hope he'd come back but now reality has set in and a new era will have to begin.

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Brandon said...

Bob Sheppard gave the Yankees something special. Heres to hoping they can find another PA announcer who has that kind of voice. Although that probably isn't possible.