Thursday, September 10, 2009

As the Yankees Keep Winning, the Redsox Keep Fighting

The Redsox are currently in a battle with the injury-stricken Texas Rangers for the wild card. The Rangers, with Michael Young and Josh Hamilton both out, are 79-60 this season. Currently two games out of the wild card, the Rangers have surprised all of the MLB this season. Michael Young said after his injury "I could get upset about missing some time or I could visualize the impact I could have on the last two weeks of the season. As down as I was about it last night, what I was told today was very uplifting. It's only going to give me more energy about being aggressive with my rehab." It seems like this team is going to grind it out until he and Hamilton return. The Redsox, on the other hand are used to this kind of situation.

How does this play out for the Yankees?

If the Rangers win the wild card the Yankees will play them (if the yankees get home field advantage), while if the Redsox win the wild card the Yankees will play the Tigers, most likely.

I'd rather face the Rangers, due to their not-so-great pitching staff.

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