Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joba Chamberlain: What to Believe?

Joba Chamberlain pitched well last night. Phenominally until the David Ortiz two-run homerun. Overall his line was 6.0 IP 3 ER. He was effective and pitched well considering his pitch count.

So, now what do you think? Do we trust that Joba is still good? Do we decide based on his next start? Does Joba even deserve to be on the playoff roster? Does Joba deserve to start in the postseason?

Here are my answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

Chad Gaudin can still be effective out of the pen and who knows if Joba would still be the same reliever, as he was in 2007. I really think that if Joba pitches well in his next start he should get game 4 of the ALCS if theu make it that far.

OTHER THOUGHTS: Don't buy into his last start TOO much. Don't be going JOBA IS BACK or HE'S AN ACE. He still has a 4.72 ERA. He still had a 4.50 ERA for that start. The best part was that he pitched 6 innings and had a quality start. Still, it is too early to just assume things.

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