Sunday, September 6, 2009

Problem: Sergio Mitre

On August 30th I wrote an apology to Sergio Mitre after his brilliant performance against the Chicago Whitesox. Now....I wish I could take that post back put it into a fire and burn it down. I am appauled at myself that I would trust such a bad pitcher after only one start. I apologize to my readers. Mitre is currently battling for a post-season roster spot with Chad Gaudin (who I hope will win) and is probably losing. He threw 4.1 IP giving up 11 hits and 11 runs (9 earned) against the Toronto Blue Jays today. His ERA is up to 7.02 and his WHIP is at 1.76. I say DFA Mitre now to activate someone like Jason Hirsh (who did leave his AAA start after 0.1 IP...possibly due to injury, however) or Zach Kroenke.

No matter what the Yankees do....they cannot afford to give a valuable roster spot in the playoffs to such a horrible pitcher.


Rob A from BBD said...

You have to learn that baseball is 162 games. One game, no matter how good or bad, really means nothing. You shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. Even after one bad game, you don't know what happened, maybe his arm still hurts. I'm not saying that Mitre is going to be a good pitcher, but just like after his last start you shouldn't have decided he's a good pitcher, you shouldn't give up on him after one bad start.

162 games. It's a long season, look at large sample sizes.

Brandon said...

Yeah I guess I'm just frustrated with the situation right now. If they're in a playoff series and it goes 7 will they be able to win it? They would either have to use Joba, Gaudin, or Mitre likely and people were saying Mitre.....that's not acceptable I think. Still, I guess I can give Mitre the rest of the season then i'll jump on him