Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playoff Roster Preview Part II

My playoff roster preview part I was terribly off. So here it goes....PART II


C-Jorge Posada, Jose Molina
1B-Mark Teixeira
2B-Robinson Cano
3B-Alex Rodriguez
SS-Derek Jeter, Jerry Hairston Jr.
LF-Johnny Damon
CF-Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera
RF-Nick Swisher
DH-Hideki Matsui

SP-CC Sabathia
SP-A.J. Burnett
SP-Andy Pettite

RP-Phil Coke
RP-Phil Hughes
RP-David Robertson
RP-Mariano Rivera
RP-Alfredo Aceves

SP/RP-Joba Chamberlain

That gives us 21 players (9 pitchers, 12 hitters)

So who do the other four spots go to?


Francisco Cervelli
Ramiro Pena
Eric Hinske
Freddy Guzman
Chad Gaudin
Damaso Marte
Brian Bruney

Four out of those seven will make it.


Chad Gaudin for his length and for the fact that he has been great of late.

Francisco Cervelli for the fact that he provides semi-speed, hustle, and a third catcher off the bench.


Freddy Guzman for his speed.

Ramiro Pena for his speed, utility fielding, and the fact that he has earned it.

GLARING LEFT OUT PLAYERS: Mark Melancon (no idea why I included him in the last one), Brian Bruney (too risky) Damaso Marte (Coke is the lefty) Eric Hinske (overrated bat, Yankees can use Gardner in center with the extra pinch-runners and use Cabrera as a pinch-hitter)

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