Monday, September 14, 2009

Problem: Yankees Wasting Pitchers

The New York Yankees have a great farm system. They develop great players. One thing they cannot say, however is that they hold on to those great pitchers. Most of the AAA Yankees' roster is now on the MLB Pirates (seriously.) Lets name a few:

RP Steven Jackson (MLB Pirates)
RP Eric Hacker (MLB Pirates)
RP Scott Patterson (MLB Padres at the time, now with the MLB A's)

The Yankees also made the horrible trade of Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, Jeff Karstens, and Daniel McCutchen for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte.

At the time it looked great for both sides, maybe better for the Yankees.

Now Tabata is a top-prospect outfielder (which the Yankees can use besides Austin Jackson,) Ross Ohlendorf is an innings-eating starter in the MLB (Yankees can use that) Jeff Karstens is injured, but a solid 5th starter, and Daniel McCutchen is getting a trial in the MLB.

Meanwhile Nady is hurt and Marte has a horrible contract and a horrible ERA.

I would not be ranting if the Yankees had reasons for these moves. Do the Yankees REALLY need Freddy Guzman? They're just going to DFA him in the offseason when Kevin Russo, Austin Jackson, Zach Kroenke, etc need 40-man spots. Why not DFA Juan Miranda? They should try to trade him in the offseason. They have first base locked up for the next 7+years.

For all we know Claggett can be a valuable MLB pitcher in the future. The Yankees did not give him, or Jackson, or Hacker, or Patterson a decent shot. That is my problem.


Look to the Future said...

Completely agree. It isn't even arguable. I think Claggett, Jackson, and Hacker should have stayed. I love Ohlendhorf and KArstens

Rob A from BBD said...

I would have to say, at the least, it is very arguable.

The Marte/Nady deal was very good at the time. Just because Nady got hurt doesn't mean that they shouldn't have done the deal.

The other pitchers that got released pretty much had to be. That's how it goes when you have to juggle the 40-man roster throughout the season. Would it be nice if the Yankees could have kept some of those guy? Absolutely. But none of them - outside of maybe Hacker, are not going to be big time pitchers.

You're worrying over so very little.

Ernesto Strumeyer said...

I agree with you completely. Rob, he is saying that the Yankees do not need people like Freddy Guzman and Juan Miranda, and even Edwar Ramirez on the roster. I agree I'd rather have Claggett, Jackson, Hacker, etc. Scott Patterson maybe not but overall i absoluetly agree. Second time I've agreed with Billy and disagreed with you Rob.

Ernesto Strumeyer said...

Brandon not Billy hahaha

Ben Astorga said...

Gotta agree with Ernesto....Rob seems pretty harsh....agreed with the analysis sir

Tommy said...


Brandon said...

Guys I don't mean to be rude, but don't comment if you don't have something nice to say. Rob simply disagrees and has his baseball opinion that he would like to state. I'm sure if I commented disagreeing on one of his posts he would not mind. Please do not fight with each other, as it is childish. Thank you.