Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Interview!

We here at the Pinstriper are proud to announce that we have another 10 for 10 interview! This time it is with Rich of Fightin' Phillies. Enjoy!

1. What is your prediction now that the Phils and the Yankees are tied 1-1 in the World Series so far who will win it?

I like the Phillies in 6 games now that they have two games under way in the series.

2. How will finish better batting now that they've both had two games into the Series : Ryan Howard or Alex Rodriguez?

Ryan Howard, because he'll have his groove back at home in Philly.

3. Phillies or Yankees who has the better food at the stadium?

Speaking as a Sunday season ticket holder with the Phillies, I would have to say Philly has some nice barbeque items and of course cheesesteaks and crab fries which are french fries with crab seasoning on it and cheese dip on the side, but everything is way overpriced. I haven't been to new Yankee Stadium yet, but I like that they have a Hard Rock Cafe on site.

4. What team will finish the series with more home runs?

It's even at this point, I am going to say it will stay that way about even through out the series.

5. Who will get MVP of the Series?

I am thinking Cliff Lee for the Phillies as I have them winning it, if not maybe Utley for his great start already.

6. "New York, New York" or "Philadelphia Freedom" what is the better song?

Two different styles of music, I remember when Philadelphia Freedom came out as a kid, but I would call it a tie with an edge to Sinatra cause he had class.

7. Who's better Jorge Posada or Carlos Ruiz in this World Series?

Posada is slightly better, more experience and better overall BA, Ruiz has been clutch though.

8. Lee or Sabathia who's better, who's best?

I have seen Lee great so far on the Phillies team, I think C.C. is overrated though he did have a great season this year. Can C.C. come through in the World Series? I think Lee betters him and gets MVP in the Series. I also think Lee should have C.C.'s agent, he got a ton of money from the Yankees.

9. Should the Yankees and the Phillies play more interleague games?

I was at the games in the late 90's when interleague started with the Yankees, I like the local matchups better than say the Phillies playing the White Sox. I think every other year the Yankees should end up playing the Phillies at least for the next 6 years.

10. Who is your favorite Phillies player of all time and why?

Mike Schmidt, he was 'the man' in Philly for 18 seasons. The fans often criticized him too much, he was such an awesome player and really my choice as the best Phillies player ever.

Rich came up with the questions and you can check out his blog for my answers to the same questions!

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