Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ok I wasn't supposed to post anything today based on my schedule but you know what I don't care. A video has surfaced on the internet that accuses Mariano Rivera of cheating. It says that he spit on the ball to get the three outs in yesterdays game.

A. Mariano Rivera wouldn't cheat. He got his powers (yes he is a superhero) from a freak accident as reported by Sports Illustrated.

B. The accusers are BLOG WRITERS who blog guess who? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

C. No one would even consider for a second that Mariano Rivera would do this AND he was facing the umpires (outfield and 2nd base) when he did this so called action.

D. He spit. So what? 99.9% of baseball players spit during the game. Rivera just happened to spit near the ball.

This isn't a newsworthy story. This blog doesn't deserve publicity and the video should be erased. MLB has investigated and found no evidence. I guarantee you if you ask any person with any remote knowledge of baseball you will find out that Mariano Rivera is the classiest player in baseball. He did not speak to reporters after blowing a save one day.....what happened the next day? He apologized, spoke to reporters, and said he had a family matter to take care of.

If the Angels bloggers feel any bit better for writing this garbage story that doesn't deserve to be linked to by me, great for them.

This is a pathetic situation that should not be taking up your time but I am writing about it because I am furious that someone would accuse the best closer of all time of cheating the game.

Its a cutter. A cutter involves movement. It's a spit. People spit. It was near the ball OH NO. Grow up and write a reasonable story next time that maybe-just maybe-will have an ounce of credibility.



Harry Collins said...

This was by far your best post. I couldn't agree more and hope that they are forced to take down that horrible post

Fernando Arencibia said...

My man, we're the Yankees...some will always hate, brush your shoulders off.

Brandon said...

Tough to do some stuff i take personally

Jeff Schalk said...

Power to the poster! Agreed with the post and love the blog by the way....Halos Heaven has nothing on the pinstriper!