Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grow Up

I was at the Yankees game last night. What an amazing game. I had some great fans around me that were talking to me about the game high-fiving me and didn't miss a single pitch. (Of course excluding the people sitting next to me who left in the 8th inning because their 3 year old needed sleep)

There were, however, terrible fans a few sections over from me. A man wearing a Mickey Mantle t-shirt did something, I don't know what, wrong. The security officer came up and talked to the man. The officer did not take him away. Then, with another officer, they did take him away. The Mantle man tried to retailliate and not allow them to take him but it did not work. He made some hand motions at them and was a very bad person. So whats wrong with one bad fan? Most of the fans around him were cheering for the drunk guy and booing the officers. Really? They're doing their jobs and for that they should be cheered. This paricite of a drunk guy shouldn't have gone to a Yankees game in the 1st place. Give your tickets to some kid or something. Don't waste your time at an amazing, amazing game being a complete and total idiot.

The fans around me did not cheer or boo, for those who are wondering.


Ross said...

Did this happen in section 426? I was in 428 and saw something very similar happen.

Brandon said...

Wait you were in section 428? So was I! Yes, It did. What row were you in?