Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Predictions for the ALCS

NOTICE: I will be away all weekend watching the Yankees at my friends house and visiting grandparents. I will not be posting until at the earliest Sunday.

Here are some predictions for the ALCS:

-CC Sabathia starts three games
-A.J. Burnett emerges as a postseason ace
-Andy Pettite struggles
-Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon break out of their slumps
-Brett Gardner starts more games than Melky Cabrera
-Robinson Cano struggles
-Jose Molina catches at least two games in the series
-Joba Chamberlain assumes the 8th-inning role from Phil Hughes after Hughes blows a save in game 1 or 2.
-Alex Rodriguez continues his hot streak and so does Derek Jeter
-Freddy Guzman and/or Brett Gardner wins a game for the Yankees


15 innings Pitched: CC Sabathia- over
ERA of 3.50 A.J. Burnett: under
HomeRuns in ALCS 2: Alex Rodriguez-push
Walk-off wins Yankees 1: Push


Yankees win game one 5-2
Yankees win game two 8-0
Angels win game three 7-2
Angels win game four 3-2
Yankees win game five 6-4
Angels win game six 10-6
Yankees win game seven 5-4

Yankees win series in seven games


rakeback said...

Sabathia has been dominant all year, and so its no surprise that he has continued that in the post-season. After the All-Star break last year he was the best player in the National League for the Brewers.

Brandon said...

Hopefully he doesn't get too tired though, as he did in last years postseason....i don't think he will. Thanks for reading