Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Previewing the Yankees Roster Part I

Every month we will preview the Yankees 2010 Roster based on our opinions of who the Yankees will sign.

Here are the Yankees Free Agents for next year:

C-Jose Molina
SS-Jerry Hairston Jr.
LF-Johnny Damon
RF-Eric Hinske, Xavier Nady
DH-Hideki Matsui
SP-Andy Pettite



So here is what I project will happen with those players:

Jose Molina-No contract offered

Jerry Hairston Jr.-No contract offered

Johnny Damon-Offered Arbitration, accepted

Eric Hinske-No contract offered

Xavier Nady-No contract offered

Hideki Matsui-No contract offered

Andy Pettite-Re-Signed to a 1 Year Deal

So here is how the roster would look

C-Jorge Posada, Francisco Cervelli
1b-Mark Texeira
2b-Robinson Cano
3b-Alex Rodriguez, Ramiro Pena
SS-Derek Jeter,
Lf-Jason Bay (signed to a 5 year $85 Million deal in offseason)
Cf-Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner
Rf-Nick Swisher, Shelley Duncan
DH-Johnny Damon

SP-CC Sabathia
SP-A.J. Burnett
SP-Joba Chamberlain
SP-Andy Pettite/Jarrod Washburn if Pettite retires
SP-Phil Hughes
Security Starters (in case of injury) Ian Kennedy, Alfredo Aceves, Josh Towers

Long Relief-Alfredo Aceves

Middle Relief- Dave Robertson, Phil Coke, Zach Kroenke

Set-Up- Damaso Marte, Danys Baez (signed to a 2 year deal, the Yankees have been wanting him for a long time)

Closer-Mariano Rivera

So, in my opinion, the Yankees will get younger this offseason, with the bench especially getting younger.


Master P-nut said...

I see the Yanks going after Matt Holliday if anybody, instead of Bay. Possibly Vlad Guerrero or Rick Ankiel (who I would really like as a Bomber). I would also like the Yankees to pursue Horacio Ramirez, John Lackey, or Chris Capuano (all of which I could see being in pinstripes).

Brandon said...

Hey, thanks for reading.

I don't see the Yankees going after Vlady (who essentially is a more injured version of Hideki Matsui at this point in his career) sure he can mash the ball but they don't want a DH type player.

Horacio Ramirez is like Sergio Mitre in my opinion. Capuano has potential if hes not hurt. Lackey would require top dollar and I see him going to the O's where he said he'd love to play. I don't see the Yankees spending too much on pitching this offseason.

Master P-nut said...

you never know with the Yanks though. I mean who would have thought that they would sign both CC and Burnett last offseason? I dont think anyone saw that coming.

P-Cat said...

Tend to agree with most of your points. i wonder, though if the Yankees would trust Cervelli that much after only a small sample. As of today, he's only batting .237 in Columbus. And Molina handles pitchers really, really well.

Brandon said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond. As for CC and A.J, the Yankees did repeat various times they wanted 2 of 3 and it didn't seem like anyone would stop them. As for Cervelli, in Scranton he is struggling and in Trenton he struggled, but he has proven that he is at best an MLB backup (like a Molina) and if he shows that he is good enough in September (callups) then he might get the job. If not, he starts in Scranton, Yankees sign Molina to a 1-year deal

Look to the Future said...

Sorry I am late on this post. Just wanted to give my input. Kevin Russo will likely be a utility guy next year. Duncan is a FA. He won't be back likely. Towers is gone too. A-Jax is likely to be a starting corner OF.

Sanit, Claggett, Melancon, and Dunn will likely be regular bullpen members too.

Of course I would like the big splash to be trading for HanRam. I don't care if it takes Hughes, Aceves, Cano, Melky, and then some. It would be awesome to get him.
Also offer arby to Hairston to get the draft pick. Maybe Nady too, but that is risky.

Brandon said...

Hey, thanks for reading. I heard from Chad Jennings that Sanit is more of a fill in than a big bullpen guy. Not sure they would even try for Hanram and I kind of would rather keep cano, aceves, etc....but very tough call if that does ever come up....also, hairston arb would be good....nady arb is a giant nono.

Look to the Future said...

Nady arbitration for that pick though. What would he get after a year of injuries if he were to accept. We would be paying him nothing

Brandon said...

I don't think any team would sign him after Tommy John Surgery AND the picks

M said...

I see them trading away Coke, Austin Jackson, and Ian Kennedy for Granderson this offseason, then trading Bruney to the Nats for the first pick in the Rule 5 draft. After that who knows? I also think the will at least negotiate to an extent with Damon, I think signing him for the DH spot and then als signing Petite.