Friday, August 14, 2009

Yankees Dilemma: Damon Arbitration?

Today was a great day for the Pinstriper, as we were mentioned on

Also today on mlbtraderumors, I saw this article.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post argues that Hideki Matsui (who hit 2 homeruns last night) will not be back next year. His other argument is that Johnny Damon could not be asked back next year, like Bobby Abreu this year.

I'd like to see Damon re-signed, as the Yankees have a choice of him, Jason Bay, or Matt Holliday this offseason.

Personally, out of those three, I choose Damon at this Yankee Stadium. If they make any changes with the walls or anything I choose Bay. If the Yankees choose Bay than the Redsox don't get him. Of course the Redsox could choose Bobby Abreu, or even one of those three to fill Bay's spot.

Either way this will be a tricky situation for the Yankees.

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