Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yankees Sign Ortiz, Miss Out on Byrd

The New York Yankees signed RHP Russ Ortiz to a minor-league deal today. Ortiz will report to AAA Scranton to help the in-need-of-starting Scranton Yankees. Ortiz was used as a 5th starter for the Astros, but did not win a game after April 26th.

In other news, the Redsox signed Paul Byrd to a minor-league deal today. Where were the Yankees on this one? Byrd is a highly-capable 5th starter, maybe even a 4th starter for some teams. He was partially responsible for the Yankees 2007 ALDS loss to the Indians, as he defeated the Yankees in the final post-season game at the Old Yankee Stadium. (I was there, he out-pitched both Wang and Mussina.)


P-Cat said...

See your point. Yeah he wasn't exactly a world-beater last year, he was at least decent. Maybe Byrd wanted to go back to where he was comfortable?

Brandon said...

I guess.....either way as much depth as possible is great